Risk Lifecycle...

At SAI Global, we are passionate about helping businesses improve

However, organisations have a responsibility to their customers, shareholders and employees to ensure that their needs and interests are being properly managed.

We offer a broad range of products and services for risk management to businesses worldwide and in Australia. We also offer specialised property services to the financial, legal and conveyancing sectors.

Our customers value our expertise which helps them create trust with their customers by building ethical business practices, streamlining processes and managing complex risk issues across the risk lifecycle.

We are passionate about what we do because, in a small way, we help our customers make the world a better place.

Examples include:

  • helping clients improve efficiency, quality and eliminate waste
  • ensuring products are safe and what they claim to be
  • supporting sustainable practices in aqua-culture, forestry and agriculture, and
  • developing ethics programs which are deployed across whole organisations.

SAI Global Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and our head office is in Sydney, Australia. We have around 2,000 employees in 29 countries (51 locations) across Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia.

We create trust by helping businesses do the right thing and being able to prove it.

We help operations as diverse as Alaskan fish farms, Italian auto manufacturers, Indonesian palm oil producers, Australian financial institutions and US health care providers, mitigate risk.

We work in any sized business, anywhere in the world, to help create simplicity, gain clarity, streamline operations and find better ways to tackle the issues that impact business.

Importantly, we can help clients protect their brand through the adoption of practices which bring transparency, consistency and accountability.

Some of the ways we do this is by providing:

  • training, certification and auditing against local and international standards (e.g. ISO 9001)
  • access to standards and technical information from over 200 organisations
  • compliance, risk, ethics, learning and EHS solutions
  • enhanced search functionality for Australian company and personal information
  • integrated property services streamlining workflow and ensuring successful outcomes
  • software and services for managing and monitoring risk and compliance areas such as:
    • enterprise risk
    • supply chain
    • environment
    • occupational health and safety
    • product authenticity and safety
    • business excellence

We help organisations through their risk management lifecycle, allowing them to build confidence and trust with their stakeholders. We offer a range of products and services for:

  • discovery and assessment - to determine the required outcomes
  • developing policies, procedures and controls - to create alignment and consistency
  • training and communication programs - to change behaviours in the organisation
  • auditing and assessing - to monitor performance and instigate corrective actions
  • evaluate and improve - assess return on investment and review business critical issues

We provide value with the integrated nature of our services and our expert guidance.

Organisations will gain peace of mind knowing their risk management needs are covered because they have partnered with a responsible risk specialist, a business they can trust.

In Australia, in addition to our broader risk management solutions we also offer a range of services specifically for the legal, financial and conveyancing sectors.

Our capability in streamlining operations and our expertise in all aspects of the property lifecycle means clients can be confident that we can help them achieve efficiencies and savings.

Property information and settlement services

SAI Global is the largest provider of property information and settlement services in Australia and is leading the electronic settlements evolution. We are a trusted and established partner for businesses involved in all stages of the property lifecycle.

End-to-end settlement services

We provide end-to-end settlement services including:

  • settlement attendance
  • court filing services
  • land and property certificate searching
  • holding account services
  • stamping, lodgement and registration services of property documents with local Land Titles' and State Revenue offices.

We have settlement venues in all major Australian cities and attended about 600,000 settlements in the 2015 financial year.

Property certificates

We operate one of the largest information brokerage services in Australia, providing access to:

  • land and property searches and certificates
  • old property law searches
  • online and manual title searches
  • ASIC searches
  • business and personal bankruptcy searches
  • visualised Australian company and personal information searches (with Encompass)

In the 2015 financial year we fulfilled over seven million orders.